Spreader Bar Beams

Though many of the original spreader bar beams has remained in service more than 10 years after their introduction, the demand for new and updated designs continues unabated. Extra impetus has been provided by the spread of containerization outside the major container ports to areas with lower throughputs of boxes, which in many instances, would be handled by jib or mobile cranes. In spite of this, the spreader is often an afterthought but one which provides the vital link between the lifting gear and the container.

Spreader beams are a type of below-the-hook lifting device that lifts loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bars, racks, rolls, cylinders, and machinery. Spreader bar beams are commonly used in the material handling industry for lifting large objects with a single hook that is attached to the crown block and lift cables of a crane. A lifting hook is commonly provided with a pair of slings that descend from the crane hook at angles in a bridle fashion, each of the slings connecting to an end portion of the spreader bar. Parallel lift lines are then suspended from the end portions of the spreader bar downwardly to the load that is to be lifted.

They come in various sizes, length and ton capacity. At below the hook warehouse we currently carry three types:
The fixed spreader beam – It is usually of a fixed length, very economical and ideal for lifting in outdoor applications.
Adjustable spreader beam – It provides a versatile solution for handling many different sized loads, ideal for outdoor applications as well.
High capacity adjustable spreader beams – Adjustable and handles the heaviest of loads and many different sizes.

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