Lifting Beams And Devices

Lifting beams and devices are ones that carry an object from one location to another. Lifting devices include cranes, hoists, and forklifts. A lifting device in the crane industry is any device that is used to raise or lower any material or object and includes rails and other supports.

Lifting beams are used to reduce forces being applied to loads as a result of non-vertical chains and straps. All the parts are metal and painted well in a slightly matt finish. There are no graphics applied. The main beam can be used on its own with the two lifting plates which can have straps or chains fitted. The lug of the lifting beam will fit many crane hooks but not all as some will have too narrow an opening on the hook. The cross beams can be used on their own or mounted on the main beam. Below the hook warehouse carries a wide range of lifting device solutions for attaching loads to overhead cranes for load lifting. Whether you need a lifting beam, C hook, pallet lifter, grip tongs or even a special application lifting device, can help.

Lifting beams are designed and intended to balance and support a load by providing multiple lift points. Lifting beams and devices provide a load bearing structure designed for use below a crane hook to lift loads. They are great for low headroom applications and designed and manufactured to ASME standards. Lifting beams must be designed structurally larger than spreader bars and are used to assist in the hoisting process. Overall, the lifting beams and devices we carry are very flexible and can be posed in a number of ways with many crane models to provide more interesting displays. Our costs are very affordable and come highly recommended.

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