Industrial Lifting Magnet

Magnet cranes are useful lifters that offer many advantages over cranes with slings and chains. Magnet cranes can move a variety of metals, ranging from small bundles of scrap to large heavy blocks. They can improve your productivity because only one person is needed to lift the load. Additionally, magnets won't damage metal products in the way that chains, hooks and other types of cranes can. Whether your needs include industrial magnet cranes, heavy-duty magnet cranes, commercial magnet cranes or magnet cranes for construction, to move your load safely, your crane magnet needs to have the proper size and rating. This electromagnet is hung from a crane and used instead of a hook.

Crane lifting magnets offer a high level of safety, as the lifting power is supplied by neodymium permanent magnets, even if the contact between magnet and load is poor, these magnets will maintain a high lifting power. Magnet power is still maintained even after a power failure. The quality magnets we sell are of low energy consumption and have low maintenance costs. Lifting Magnets can maintain a high magnetic power on rough or irregular surfaces and is also suitable for flat and round materials as well as automation. The permanent lifting magnet –It lifts and transfer steel and iron without slings, hooks or cables. Properly installed and operated, provide greater safety than other mechanical material handling devices. These magnets can lift up to 5,000 lbs (4,536 kg).

The electro magnet – Is a lifting magnet is designed for work areas where there is no electricity source conveniently available. The SL Series electro industrial lifting magnet is designed for this situation; however, it does require a compact variable-voltage rectifier controller or a fixed voltage rectifier to furnish the desired D.C. power from any A.C. power source. The entire Selectos electro magnet brand is rated as 100% duty-cycle for continuous operation.

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