Crane Scale

A crane scale is typically designed for weighing heavy loads while being handled by a crane. They are designed to weigh loads while they are suspended freely from and overhead or track mounted crane. Crane scales are among the strongest instruments that can be used when it comes to the weighing of very heavy things.

Crane scales come in different types and sizes. You have some crane scales which are used for the outdoors and some designed to use indoors. Crane scales are very durable and reliable as their chances of breaking down are quite slim. We sell scales that have features such as a wireless remote, a built-in rechargeable battery, an overload indicator and a gross/net display.

There are different brands of the crane scale out there in the market therefore when choosing which crane scale to buy one needs to really inquire all of information that will help you to choose the correct scale. The brands that we sell are highly recommended and top of the line in terms of specifications and durability making your choices that much easier. There are those which are specified in doing only one specific job and therefore its more efficient in carrying out the task at hand, so when you need a crane scale that will be required to perform only one type of task, these scales are usually specialized. The models of scales we sell at Below the Hook Warehouse are the Tor-Rey CRS series scales, the CAS crane scales and the SWS series scales.

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