Unifixx One-Way Lashings

Unifixx One-Way Lashings

The Unifixx one-way lashing systems offers a unique lashing solution by combining low cost with safe transport.  The Unifixx solution is the ideal way of securing loads and has replaced traditional products (such as ropes and chains). The Unifixx one-way lashing system utilizes lightweight load-securing solutions which minimize the damage risk on heavy and expensive loads. Our high tenacity products are perfect for securing loads on or in crates, pallets, wagons, containers, and flat tracks.

Product Features:

  • Allowable working loads vary from 500daN to 4.000 daN, with a width variation of 30mm to 50mm
  • Produced in-house, allowing them the flexibility to suit individual needs
  • Supplied in combination with buckles and tensioners


Unifixx Hardware

Part Number Description
H5050 H5050
B3030S B3030S
B5020 B5020
B5050W B5050W
B4040 B4040
SB10-7 (25mm) SB10-7 (25mm)
SB1F10-7 (32mm) SB1F10-7 (32mm)

Unifixx Webbing

Part Number Width (in.) Strength (lbs.) Strength (daN)
W323 1.26 5060 2300
W435 1.57 7700 3500
W450 1.57 11000 5000
W523 1.97 5060 2300
W550 1.97 11000 5000
W560 1.97 13200 6000
W575 1.97 16500 7500

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