Standard Round Sling

Standard Round Sling

Our most versatile and flexible sling, constructed of high tenacity polyester fibers, which are protected by a double jacket polyester cover. The pliable nature of the sling allows it to conform and mold to irregular shaped loads affording the operator greater ease of use. Endless in configuration, our round slings are ideal for choker, vertical, and basket hitches.

Product Features:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Wear points can be shifted to extend the life of the sling
  • Color-coding easily allows the operator to identify the lifting capacity of the sling, eliminating any guess work

Part Number Capacity (lbs.) Color
ENR-3000 3000 purple
ENR-6000 6000 green
ENR-9000 9000 yellow
ENR-12000 12000 tan
ENR-14000 14000 red
ENR-17000 17000 white
ENR-23000 23000 blue
ENR-26000 26000 orange
ENR-31000 31000 orange

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