RPL Series

Handle-actuated lift magnets powered by super-strength Rare Earth permanent magnet material.
RPL Series

Lift more weight per volume of magnet with Eriez' newest SafeHold lift magnet. This new line is not only designed for optimum lifting power (based on the size of the magnet), but can be used to lift both flat plates and round pipe and bar stock.

Four models are available, with maximum capacities from 300 lb. (136 kg) to 3,500 lb. (1,590 kg).

Lift Capacity Flat Steel
Lift Capacity Round Steel
300 lbs.
150 lbs.
1,100 lbs.
550 lbs.
2,200 lbs.
1,100 lbs
3,500 lbs.
1,750 lbs.
7,000 lbs.

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