Electro Lift Magnets

The SL Series requires a compact variable-voltage rectifier controller or a fixed voltage rectifier to furnish the desired D.C. power from any A.C. source. A rectifier is included as an integral part of the ST Series Selectos. All Selectos are rated at 100% duty-cycle for continuous operation.

SL Series

SL Series

Lightweight, power-packed to provide reliable, fast lifts for hundreds of applications. Easy to install, easy to use. 100% duty cycle. Fully encapsulated moisture-proof coil. Standard volt. is 115VDC. Other voltages upon request. Copper wound coil.

Model Lift Capacity (lbs.) Lift Capacity (kgs.)
SL-4A 375 170
SL-5 1,030 468
SL-8 2,800 1,270
SL-10 4,500 2,042
SL-12 8,600 3,900
SL-14 9,800 4,442
SL-16 12,125 5,500

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