Beam Grabs Extended

Beam Grabs Extended Model F-5

Product Features:

  • Custom designed for your application.
  • Heavy duty grab handles wide flange beam sections and plate girders.
  • Dog points on base furnish additional gripping force.
  • Hook design assures contact to the beam flange or girder.
  • Both hooks have chain holes - attach chain slings and use for opening hooks.
  • Adjustable hook positions fit a set range of flange widths.
  • For long loads, use two heavy-duty beam clamps and one spreader beam.
  • Complies with ASME standards.



Beam Grabs Extended Model F-50 Diagram 1

Beam Grabs Extended Model F-50 Diagram 2

Model Number Rated Capacity
F-50 50 83 80 30 30-40 22 2800


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