Anver Vacuum Lifts

Anver Vacuum Lifts are made to order below the hook lifting devices that make use of air and suction to lift objects rather than hooks, bars, or slings. Usually used to lift delicate or fragile loads, Anver Vacuum Lifts are the best choice for to move your load unharmed.

Anver Vacuum Lifts are made to order so please fill out the form below to give us the best idea of what type of vacuum lift you require.

Dimensional specifications are extremely important in determining the correct lifter for your specific needs.

Material Specifications:

Material to be lifted:




Thickness (height for boxes):




Material Temp:



- Horizontal Lift

2 - Vertical Lift

3 - Vertical Lift and Rotation

4 - 90 Degree Titling

usually fully powered

- 90 Degree Gravity Tilt

pivots on edge, used in stone industry

6 - 180 Degree Tilt

rare, 90 degree tilt is usually adequate

7 - Side-Grip

can replace flippers, many styles

8 - Side-Grip and Rotate

can replace flippers, many styles

9 - 360 Degree Tilt (Flipper)

rare, usually fully powered

10 - 90 Degree Tilting with Rotations

for versatile manipulations

Required Power Source:

Mechanical (for "Horizontal Lift" applications only)
Don't Know

Tube Lift Systems:

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